%doc question

Paul F. Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Sep 13 10:58:48 UTC 2005


> > Is there a better place to put the manual files which aren't in manpage
> > format?
> Just include:
> %doc doc/*.txt
> in the %files list and it'll get handled by rpm properly.


I still need to do a lot of messing with this build as it automatically
builds a devel version and normal version, plus the library files aren't
standard Linux ones (the end in .asm, .def, .opt and a few other
extensions - there are quite a number of them, so having


while nice, doesn't work (can't glob it).

Sooooo, the problem now is splitting the build to be devel and normal
and finding a way to exclude the CVS directory and glob the lib files

The .spec and src rpm is up on my website if people want to take a look


It will build, but rpmlint throws a wobbler at it.


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