[Bug 168210] New: Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for managing LDAP servers

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Tue Sep 13 15:27:37 UTC 2005

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           Summary: Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for
                    managing LDAP servers
           Product: Fedora Extras
           Version: devel
          Platform: All
               URL: http://phpldapadmin.sourceforge.net
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: normal
         Component: Package Review
        AssignedTo: gdk at redhat.com
        ReportedBy: dmitry at butskoy.name
         QAContact: dkl at redhat.com
                CC: fedora-extras-list at redhat.com

Spec Url: http://dmitry.butskoy.name/phpldapadmin/phpldapadmin.spec
SRPM Url: http://dmitry.butskoy.name/phpldapadmin/phpldapadmin-0.9.7-0.1.20050912cvs.src.rpm


PhpLDAPadmin is a web-based LDAP client.
It provides easy, anywhere-accessible, multi-language administration
for your LDAP server. Its hierarchical tree-viewer and advanced search
functionality make it intuitive to browse and administer your LDAP directory.

Since it is a web application, this LDAP browser works on many platforms,
making your LDAP server easily manageable from any location.

PhpLDAPadmin is the perfect LDAP browser for the LDAP professional
and novice alike. Its user base consists mostly of LDAP administration

Additional info:

Package layout is "derived" from squirrelmail

CVS snapshot (20050912) is one week later after 0.9.7-rc1 is released. 0.9.7 is an upcoming release, it is enough reasons to use it. Snapshot is needed due to some little typos in rc1 .
While this package is reviewed, the rc2 will be released, etc... :-)

Config file (patch by me) is oriented for LDAP server at the same host where http server is run. In this case there is nothing to manually configure.

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