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Tue Sep 13 16:26:41 UTC 2005

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FE Folks,

Due to a variety of reasons I'm going to have to stop maintaining the
tla (GNU Arch) packages. There are a few tla-related bugs still in
bugzilla, almost all of them relate to the fact that tla fails 'make
check' on PPC.  This build failure has held back a number of updates and
is the reason the FE tla packages are still at 1.3.1fix1 rather than the
current upstream 1.3.3 version.  The 1.3.3 packages are in CVS, but,
like I said fail to build.  I was hoping upstream would resolve the
issue, but Tom Lord (the 'tl' in tla) has stopped working on tla and put
his efforts into a redesigned "Arch 2.0".  Most work on tla is focused
on the Canonical branch, "bazaar" which focuses on remedying some of the
horrible usability problems of "tla" along with providing an upgrade
path to "baz-ng" when it's ready.

I'm not sure what the best course of action is.  I am about to start
school again and the much-neglected tla package will only get more so as
more demands are placed on my time.  I'm not sure that continuing to
package tla is worth it as, like I said, upstream efforts are focused
elsewhere.  However, I would like to at least have the most recent
upstream in Extras before orphaning it, but the closer it gets to school
starting (Sept. 26th) the less likely it is that I'll be able to write
the necessary patch.

If you'd like to take over maintainership, let me know and I can give
you more gorey details on the upstream direction.

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