[Bug 168194] Review request: perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall - Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN

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Wed Sep 14 11:27:28 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review request: perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall - Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN


paul at city-fan.org changed:

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             Status|NEW                         |ASSIGNED
         AssignedTo|gdk at redhat.com              |paul at city-fan.org
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------- Additional Comments From paul at city-fan.org  2005-09-14 07:27 EST -------

- rpmlint clean
- package and spec naming OK
- package meets guidelines
- license is same as perl, matches spec
- spec file written in English and is legible
- source matches upstream
- package builds OK in mock for FC4 (i386)
- BR's OK
- no locales, libraries, subpackages or pkgconfigs to worry about
- not relocatable
- no directory ownership or permissions issues
- no duplicate files
- %clean section present and correct
- macro usage is consistent
- code, not content
- no large docs
- docs don't affect runtime
- no desktop file needed
- no scriptlets


- license text not included, nor is any comment included in spec about this;
  I suggest adding a comment "# For license text(s), see the perl package" in
  or near the %files list, as in the perl-Hook-LexWrap package (see also
  bug 167405)

- Typo in URL for Source: s/AUTRJIUS/AUTRIJUS/


- adding additional BRs of links, wget, ncftp, ftp, and gpg would get rid of
  the warnings produced in "make test" but I don't think it matters really

- it would be nice if the module's ability to install and uninstall other
  modules could be disabled; whilst this is core functionality for the module,
  it's not really desirable behaviour on an RPM-based system, where I guess
  the purpose of this module is only really as a version-checker for other
  module builds (this is probably not possible though)

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