[Bug 165488] Review Request: Weather status dockapp

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Summary: Review Request: Weather status dockapp


------- Additional Comments From paul at city-fan.org  2005-09-15 10:47 EST -------
(In reply to comment #4)
> >> There is no need to list the man page in %files as this is done  
> >> automatically.  
> > That is not true, at least not in any version of rpm I've ever used.  
> This link disagrees with you. ;-)  

No, that agrees with me. About two thirds of the way down that page, it says:

  %docdir only directs RPM to mark the specified directory as holding
  documentation. It doesn't direct RPM to package any files in the

> By default the doc, info and man directories are searched for documents.

It means that any files you specify in the %files list that are in directories
marked as %docdir are treated as documentation, which will be excluded if the
package is installed using --excludedocs. This includes manpages, info etc. by
default. However, you still need to include the manpages etc. in the %files list.

If you try commenting out the manpages from the %files list, you'll find that
rpmbuild complains about unpackaged files.

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