No shared libpthread or libdl on x86_64?

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Thu Sep 15 15:49:34 UTC 2005

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Rex Dieter (rdieter-RuT4X3KXNXH2fBVCVOL8/A at said: 
>>>libpthread/libdl are shared on x86_64, much like they are on any other
>>>platform. I'd guess the build script/libtool are looking in the
>>>wrong place.
>>Except for the fact that gc (apparently) builds fine when built by hand. 
>> It only fails to find the shared libs on the Fedora Extras 
>>buildsystem.  Any ideas or pointers?
> On your system where it's built by hand, do you have 32-bit compilers
> and/or libc installed as well?

I don't have a x86_64 box, I'm just going off what someone else claimed 
on fedora-devel, that gc built fine and linked against libpthread/libdl 
when they built it by hand.

-- Rex

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