FC5 and Rebuilds

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Fri Sep 16 15:00:44 UTC 2005

I don't keep a Fedora-devel box, I install the test releases when Test 1
becomes available and then keep it up to date until core release, and
then I nuke it.

Is there going to be an automatic rebuild of Extras stuff in devel when
Test 1 comes out, or are we going to be expected to request rebuilds?

I know right now that at least one of my packages that has a devel
version now would fail such a rebuild, due to a library change that has
already happened.

Other stuff will probably build OK (I hope) - but I'm curious as to what
happens when test releases are ready to be pushed. Will there be a mass
automatic rebuild with bugzilla failure notices sent to maintainers, or
will there be a list of failed rebuilds we need to check?

Should I be requesting devel rebuilds now to start working out potential
issues, or should I wait until Test 1 is released? I'd rather wait
because my experience is that rawhide is a bit touchy to install except
during the test releases (when it can be touchy to update).


Regarding the package I know will fail, it will fail because a version
of a shared library it depends upon (I believe its libgtkhtml) has
changed. Unless upstream provides a patch they sanction, my preference
would be to package the old version as a compat library, rather than
patch it to use the newer version. What (if any) are the general
guidelines in that scenario?

I know in an ideal world porting it to the new libraries is the best
thing, but I'm worried the time consumption in doing so could end up
being too much.

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