[Bug 168339] Review Request: libbinio

Linus Walleij triad at df.lth.se
Sat Sep 17 07:19:40 UTC 2005

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> I have a problem with
> packages which install many headers or headers with names which are
> likely to collide with official or de-facto standards to %_includedir.
> Wrt. this, libbinio is a corner case:
> /usr/include/binfile.h
> /usr/include/binio.h
> /usr/include/binstr.h
> /usr/include/binwrap.h
> * 4 headers, not necessarily few, but also not "many".
> * The file names, at least to me seem to be very hot candidates for very
> likely future clashes.

Yep the clash factor makes it reasonable to relocate the headers. On GCC 4 
systems it will not cause any problem anyway so we just do it, and only 
support the package on post-GCC4 Core dists.

If some more important package puts headers with the same name in 
/usr/include they will take precedence, as is apropriate.


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