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Sat Sep 17 09:00:24 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: libbinio


------- Additional Comments From bugs.michael at gmx.net  2005-09-17 05:00 EST -------
I don't understand point 2.  First of all, any program which uses libbinio
ought to use '#include "binio/foo.h"' or '#include <binio/foo.h>"' anyway,
emphasising that these are non-standard headers. Else the fun starts when
the headers are installed into %_includedir/binio on one distribution and
%_includedir/libbinio on another one.
Secondly, for any version of GCC to find the headers in %_includedir/binio,
you need to add %_includedir/binio to the compiler's search path list, i.e.
-I/usr/include/binio for any programs which do '#include <binfile.h>',
pretending that it would be a standard header or a header in standard
search path.

As a another voice in this matter, I consider any program which cannot
be configured easily to extend the search path list for headers as broken.
You should always be able to build a program with libbinio installed into
/home/foo/libbinio/include (and /home/foo/libbinio/lib), for instance,
without having to do apply a lot of patch-work.

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