[Bug 168032] Review Request: Gnome Timer Applet

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Sat Sep 17 12:26:16 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: Gnome Timer Applet


------- Additional Comments From fedora at leemhuis.info  2005-09-17 08:25 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Changes:
> - extended Description:

Now it's a nearly to long :| But it's okay. 

> - added Requires(pre|post|preun|postun): for scrollkeeper
> - added scrollkeeper scriptlet sniplets

Uhhh, why? From you spec:
> scrollkeeper-update -q -o %{_datadir}/omf/%{name} || :
This file is not installed in %files so this will always fail until the build
errors (see below) are resolved. And probably it should be
%{_datadir}/omf/timer-applet and not %{_datadir}/omf/%{name} 

> Questions/Problems/Comments
> - name (see above)
gnome-applet-timer is okay for me

> - the build errors still exist. These are upstream packages errors due to
> missing/incomplede documentation. I've contaced the author of timerapplet.

If they do no real harm we could just ignore them. But then the scrollkeeper
stuff must be removed for now.

> - "Provides: timer-applet" is only there for upgrading purposes from my 
> previous package. I can remove it if you like.

No, in fact I even like it, because people using the upstream name with yum "yum
install" will get the package then, too.

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