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Summary: Review Request: man-apropos2


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------- Additional Comments From chris at chrisgrau.com  2005-09-18 14:24 EST -------

$ rpmlint man-apropos2-1.0.1-2.noarch.rpm
E: man-apropos2 script-without-shellbang /etc/profile.d/apropos2.csh
E: man-apropos2 script-without-shellbang /etc/profile.d/apropos2.sh

I don't see a problem here.  I checked a couple other scripts in /etc/profile.d
and they don't have shellbangs either.  This makes sense, given how these files
are sourced.

* Package name looks good.
* Spec file name looks good.
* Program is GPL, license file included in package.
* Spec file is in Am. English and legible.
* Source matches upstream (MD5: b19eee1d9211bed0fb67d8d8c74d1c3d).
* Package builds on FC-4 x86, and in mock on FC-3 x86.
* No locales or shared libs.
* Package is not relocatable.
* %files section is good, file permissions are good.
* %clean section is good (I've never seen --preserve-root used in a spec file,
but that isn't a problem in my opinion).
* Consistent use of macros.

The package looks good to me.  Once the appropriate sponsorship requirements
have been met, I'll consider it approved.  Any volunteers to sponsor Tony?

I'll be away until Tuesday night (2005-09-20, US Pacific TZ), so that should
give enough time to deal with sponsorship and for anyone else to voice their

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