gfontview inclusion request

Kirby Files ksfiles at
Mon Sep 19 15:56:19 UTC 2005

   The gfontview upstream maintainer has been inactive for a while,
which is why, I'm guessing, gfontview has not been included in FC
extras. However, it is a very useful package. Despite its lack of
recent enhancements, it offers better font tables and font catalog
generation than kfontview and gnome-font-viewer. It works with both
Type1 and TTF files.

   Debian has been maintaining recent updates to the package, and I
have taken some of their work to merge a patch to the old
gfontview-0.5.0-1 that fixes GCC4 breakages. The resulting package is
stable and tested (by me). A working package or source for FC4 is not
easily downloadable from any third party, so it would be great to have
it included in FC4-extras. All code is GPL. I would be happy to
maintain this package, should further updates become necessary.

   Could someone please take the time to let me know what I can do, other than 
opening bug 165612, to further this cause? Would someone champion putting this 
into CVS?

   My SRPM is at:

Kirby Files
ksfiles at

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