[Bug 168032] Review Request: Gnome Timer Applet

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Mon Sep 19 16:20:19 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: Gnome Timer Applet


------- Additional Comments From fedora at leemhuis.info  2005-09-19 12:20 EST -------
Some last things before this can get approved:

Please remove the %{?dist} in the changelog section before importing to cvs. It
is unneeded there. 

rpmlint currently gives:
E: gnome-applet-timer script-without-shellbang
E: gnome-applet-timer script-without-shellbang

These files are marked as executable. You should fix that by using "-m 0644"
when installing those.

W: gnome-applet-timer non-standard-dir-in-usr libexec

Can be ignored afaik

W: gnome-applet-timer dangerous-command-in-%post install
Uhh? Seems to be caused by this comment:
# For GConf apps: install schemas as system default
We could ignore this but I think it better to remove it.

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