[Bug 168592] Review Request: pychart: Python library for generating chart images

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Mon Sep 19 21:15:59 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: pychart: Python library for generating chart images


------- Additional Comments From toshio at tiki-lounge.com  2005-09-19 17:15 EST -------
* rpmlint gives no warnings or errors
* Follows the naming guideline
* spec name matches package  name
* Package licensed under the GPL
* GPL is listed in spec and included in package
* Spec file legible
* Sources match upstream
* Builds on x86_64
* No archs excluded yet
* Owns all directories
* No duplicate files
* File permisions set properly
* Package is code
* docs are independent of runtime

* docs for this package are a mess.
  - Why not have a docs subpackage?  Just under half of the files in the
    package are currently docs.  As this is a python library, they're all
    "developer docs"....
  - The documentaion tarball is not necessary (at least for this release.)
    Currently, you're installing it into the same directory as the python
    sources and then doing nothing with it.  Additionally, the
    PyChart-1.38.tar.gz contains the files in PyChart-1.38/doc/pychart
    (Except for pychart.css)
  - You want the *.py files from the examples directory -- the *.png files
    are not examples in and of themselves.
  - The examples/*.png and the pychart/*.png files are not the same but they
    are definitely overlapping.  The pychart/*.html files require the *.png
    files in order to demonstrate what they're showing.  You could combine these 
    png files but it may be overkill.

* Python libraries typically go in Group: Development/Languages

I'll post a proposed patch for these issues.

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