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Summary: Review Request: gdal


------- Additional Comments From silke at intevation.de  2005-09-20 07:08 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> - Is there a particular reason for using the internal libtiff?
> I recommend using the version being shipped with FC, if possible. AFAIS, the
> version shipped with FC4 seems to be sufficient, I haven't check other versions.

Yes you are right. Using internal libtiff has historical reasons and I forgot to
change it.

> - Something doesn't seem to be correct with mysql-support.
> I recommend to either switch it off (--with-mysql=no) or to make it mandatory
> (BuildRequires: mysql-devel/--with-mysql).
> - Similar consideration on hdf5 (hdf5 is part of FE).

This is fixed with the new gdal package (See comment #3).

> - Probably a lot of missing package deps inside of devel package.
> (c.f. /usr/lib/libgdal.la)

As far as I can see the dependencies are sufficient. gdal-devel is sufficient to
 build other packages against gdal. I tried with mapserver after removing all
other devel-packages on my system.

> Additional remarks:
> - I recommend not to ship static libs.

Why? Mostly static libs are not needed but if someone really needs the static
lib it is nice to have it available.

> - Other reviewers probably will gripe on shipping libtool archives, but my
> opinion differs (This is a different story ;) ).

Ack. I can easily remove it. But I think it doesn't hurt to have it available.
It is still included in the current package.

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