[Bug 165899] Review Request: pam_pkcs11 : PKCS #11 PAM login module

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Wed Sep 21 19:28:33 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: pam_pkcs11 : PKCS #11 PAM login module


------- Additional Comments From ville.skytta at iki.fi  2005-09-21 15:28 EST -------
I'm in the progress of updating this submission to 0.5.3. and I'm wondering  
whether the "badstatic" patch is still required.  0.5.3 appears to compile  
fine without it; not yet runtime-tested with nor without. 
Tom, could you clarify what is it for, and Juan, could you have a look at the  
patch?  It doesn't apply as-is to 0.5.3, but the intention should be clear.  
BTW, in the process of updating, I submitted a couple of new patches upstream: 

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