tetex-tex4ht : Translates tex (and latex) into html or xml+mathml

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Thu Sep 22 10:46:08 UTC 2005

Upstream URL:

Spec Name or Url: http://mpeters.us/fc_extras/tetex-tex4ht.spec
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A converter from TeX and LaTeX to hypertext (HTML, XML, etc.), providing
configurable (La)TeX-based authoring system for hypertext. When
to XML, you can use MathML instead of images for equation

This package can also be used to translated to XML that OpenOffice.org
understand, which then gives the user a path by which to convert a
to rtf for import into Microsoft Word.

I do not want to be the maintainer. I know it is asking a lot but I
would prefer someone else to be the maintainer for Fedora Extras. I
would prefer someone who knows a wee bit more about LaTeX than I do
maintain it. I packaged it because I needed it to generate MathML from a
LaTeX document.

I've worked the spec file much closer to the Packaging Guidelines than
what I started with. It may still need some adjustments.

There is one c file in the src directory I do nothing with and haven't
even looked at, and there is a java file in src directory I haven't even
looked at.

Package does not come with any kind of a Makefile. In the %build section
I explicitly link against a static library - I don't know if that would
work on x86_64.

If someone would like to maintain this, please grab my src.rpm and have
your way with it and submit it. It produces really nice XML with MathML,
and its html translation is the best I personally have seen of any

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