still no new Bugzilla components (was (fwd) [Re: needs fixing soon])

Alex Lancaster alexl at
Sat Sep 24 02:21:39 UTC 2005

>>>>> "EL" == Elliot Lee  writes:
EL> Hey all, The machine that the cron job was running on got wiped by
EL> a SummerOfCode project and I am still in the process of
EL> restoring. As a result, things have been kind of behind. It should
EL> all be fixed now.

EL> Best, -- Elliot

>>>>> "AL" == Alex Lancaster  writes:

AL> Thanks, Elliot,

AL> How frequently (and at exactly what time) does that Bugzilla
AL> component creation cron job run?  It would be good to note what
AL> possible delay is expected for creation of new Bugzilla components
AL> on the wiki page so that folks know when to start worrying about
AL> missing components.

Still no workie.  No new bugzilla components updated or created for 3
days since Elliot kicked the machine, see:

Please kick this machine and/or cron job again.  How often does it


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