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Those from the days may remember a script called fedora-qa (or
fedora-startqa) that Erik LaBianca and me wrote to automate the QA steps.
I've updated this script, and rewrote most of it for the new policy at
Fedora Extras. It's very useful to me, so I guess it can help other people
in the QA process.

The aim of this script is to test all the MUST items in
PackageReviewGuidelines which are not covered by rpmlint.

You can find it at this URL :

This script requires python, mock, rpmlint and yum-utils. To use it, follow
these steps:
 - Create the rpm build directory structure, for example with
fedora-buildrpmtree from the fedora-rpmdevtools package.
 - cd to a temp dir (ex: ~/tmp) in a terminal.
 - run "fedora-qa <bugid>" or "fedora-qa <srpm>"
 - answer the questions, and a report will be printed.
The report and additional files (like binaries, build log, etc...) can be
found in the "~/reports/<rpm_name>" directory. The "~/reports" base dir can
be configured in ~/.fedora-qa

I try to keep up-to-date information on this script on my wiki page

Currently, the script performs 31 checks, which can be listed with
"fedora-qa -l"

Of course, if it tracebacks on you, please report to me.

Hope this helps

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