[Bug 168210] Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for managing LDAP servers

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Mon Sep 26 16:44:19 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for managing LDAP servers


------- Additional Comments From dmitry at butskoy.name  2005-09-26 12:44 EST -------
> In Fedora, we try to be as close to upstream as possible, and thus, to include
> the minimum of patches. Please follow this policy. It looks like patches 3 and 4
> are not essential, what are they for ?
Both of them are pending in upstream. IMHO, upstream maintainers just had not
time to engage them, hurrying up to release the final version. At least, patch 3
has been discussed and approved (probably for the next release).

Patch3 allows to disable blowfish encryption of php session variables. (However
it is not a default in the rpm). Such disabling increases reactivity of PLA a
little. It is not allowed for 'cookie' authentication stuff, but allowed for
'session'. It is a behaviour of previous phpldapadmin versions (<= 0.9.5)

Patch4 completes "show_clear_password" feature. In the current upstream, when it
is enabled, some things are still shown by asterisks that is needless.

I provide these patches since PLA-0.9.3 . Both of them do not affect default
behaviour. I would prefer to include it...

> Also, please drop the debug_log pruning, it can be useful.

Sadly, but current debug_log() application leads to essential delay of work (up
to 3-4 times on some operations). This issue is posted upstream too.

IMO, the problem is inspired by a lot of
"debug_log(sprintf(a_lot_of_arguments......));" constructions, where "sprintf()"
is caused irrespective of the debug level.


  If you insist, I'm ready to refise patch 3 and 4 (until upstream commits
them). But i'm confident that we shouls leave debug stripping.

  As I yet don't think the final upstream version (0.9.7) is stable enough, I
would prefer to take this package in the devel branch only. Usually, soon after
the stable a first upstream update is appeared (aka 0.9.7a etc. :-)). At this
moment, I hope, I'll finish my discussions with upstream. Besides somebody will
already take advantage of phpldapadmin as a rpm package. It will be a good
moment to add PLA into other branches (FC3, FC4) too.

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