[Bug 168210] Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for managing LDAP servers

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Mon Sep 26 19:52:48 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: phpldapadmin - Web-based tool for managing LDAP servers


------- Additional Comments From dmitry at butskoy.name  2005-09-26 15:52 EST -------
> I'd prefer not to include those patches in the rpm, and just wait until they are
> included upstream. 
But it is quite possible, that these patches will be included in a cvs branch
focused on some following version (0.9.8), which is necessary to wait about one
year... :( Terms of patch reviewing, as well as terms of new version releasing
are unpredictable enough.

> The problem with the debug_log function
debug_log() stuff in the present kind has appeared in the current version only.
There was no any debug stuff in phpldapadmin <= 0.9.5, therefore I've paid
attention to essential delay of work of the new version (0.9.7) in comparison
with old (0.9.5). Application of debug_log() looks as an internal tool for
upstream developers only, whom have forgotten to erase it before release :) 

PLA has good bug report mechanism. Immediately in the error report's screen the
user is invited to fill in a form, which can be sent upstream. It is a preferred
way of reporting bugs for years.

> Here, the debug is gone for good.
Yes, due to too big cost of such a debug.


  Whether it is a good idea:
- to include nevertheless phpldapadmin package in the kind suggested by me into
devel branch only;
- and then report about it upstream?
  It will create some precedent and will push upstream developers. Besides they
can participate in testing their soft, which have been made out (IMHO, for the
first time!) in the form of a RPM package. Anyway, they will see problems
arising at attempts to package their soft.

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