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Summary: Review Request: swish-e <bkyoung>


------- Additional Comments From bkyoung at users.sourceforge.net  2005-09-26 19:40 EST -------
>Are you suggesting automatic approvals without any sort of review?  Thats one of
>the worst ideas I've heard in a long time.  The sheer number of possible
>security problems that could occur boogles the mind.
Must not take much to boggle (spelled correctly) your mind. Well reviewed
packages tend to have same or more security problems, many supported by people
receiving thousands of dollars a month to do so. Unlike persons packaging for
Open Source, with the intention of building a positive and supportive
atmosphere. I take it you do not trust any of, or even the, entire Open Source

>Personally, I think this package should be removed from CVS and the Bugzilla
>component list,
Such a mistake to do so. But that is what I would expect from people like you.
If you were to take version 2.4.2 of swish-e(1) on an x86_64 system, it would
fail. Patches in this package, unavailable elsewhere, correct that problem. I
call that improving the quality and security, not introducing additional
problems and security risks. But then I know a little about swish-e. Do you?

>since it appears to never even had a review, as Warren stated in
>comment #5.
That is what the time limit is all about. If a few reviewers do not have the
time to review all the packages, then let them in so users may sort them out,
and benefit from them.

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