Creative Commons license for pictures

Christian Jodar tian at
Tue Sep 27 07:06:19 UTC 2005


I'd like to know if it could be a problem for a package to contain pictures
under a Creative Commons License. It would be the BY-NC-SA version:

(Link to legal version on page bottom)

I know there are problem with this license and some people considered it as a
non free license. What about Fedora Extra policy?

According to this page:

it could be acceptable for artistic works (so for pictures included with a soft).

Is there a final decision about this question?

If it is not acceptable, is there a solution? I heard about dual licensing.
But I can't understand how it could be used. What does it mean having 2
licenses? If they are conflicting points, how is it managed?

Thank you for your help.

Christian Jodar.

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