Creative Commons license for pictures

Christian Jodar tian at
Tue Sep 27 12:49:03 UTC 2005

> If GCfilms doesn't get this cleared up
> before they include the artwork.. thats going to make things much more
> difficult for you as a packager.

Hmm... Actually I am also responsible for the project itself. But I
didn't think about that before. So you are telling me it is not possible
to package a GPL application with works (such as pictures) under another
licence? IMHO, I thought that as long as it is explicitely told which
licence apply to which material, it should not be a problem.

It's getting more complicated then. Most of the artist prefer other licence
than the GPL one that is more dedicated to source code. So it is a problem
to make them using this licence.

Is there a way to tell something like: "OK, you can do whatever you want
with this program and pictures but only when used in this program and
according to GPL. But if you want to use them somewhere else, you have
to do that according to another licence"? This would solve most of the



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