grphviz missing dependancy?

John Ellson ellson at
Wed Sep 28 13:47:11 UTC 2005

Patrice Dumas wrote:

>cppunit which uses doxygen and graphviz. When I build cppunit on my computer
>everything is fine, but when it is built in mock, there are the following
>error messages:
>Error: fontconfig: Couldn't retrieve font family name. : Helvetica
>I have skimmed through the docs generated for cppunit and found that it is 
>likely that the missing font is a font used for the graphs (in the package
>built in mock the text in boxes seems to be monospaced and overflow from 
>the boxes). Did anybody else see that too? 
>Maybe it is a missing dependency for graphviz? Or for cppunit, or for 
>another package but I haven't more clue. I can submit a bugzilla report 
>once I know which package to fill it aginst.
Graphviz needs urw-fonts to resolve PostScript style fontnames such as 
"Helvetica" or Times-Roman"


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