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Summary: Review Request: libbinio


------- Additional Comments From triad at df.lth.se  2005-09-28 10:05 EST -------
Comment on (3) from upstream:

>Comment By: Simon Peter (dynamite)
Date: 2005-09-28 12:54

Logged In: YES

The pkgconfig file works here:
# pkg-config --libs libbinio
-L/home/simon/lib -lbinio

I'm using version 0.19 of pkg-config. I got the URL keyword
directly from the example in the manpage of pkg-config.

For the second point, I made cflags point to
/usr/include/libbinio for backwards compatibility. If i
would make it point to /usr/include and use #include
<libbinio/binio.h> instead, i would have to change all my
other software for the new include path. I don't know if
this is what Ralf meant.

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