[Bug 167034] Review Request: foremost -- Recover files by "carving" them from a disk image

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Wed Sep 28 23:47:13 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: foremost -- Recover files by "carving" them from a disk image


------- Additional Comments From mpeters at mac.com  2005-09-28 19:47 EST -------
OK - tested binary.
It complains with:

foremost: /usr/local/etc/foremost.conf: No such file or directory bu runs.
When I copied sample file to /etc - still complained.
When I copied sample file to /usr/local/etc - no complaint.

tested on a .bin file (without the matching .cue file)
It extracted two pdfs from the file, but Adobe Acroread was unable to read them,
stating they were damaged - tried to repair but result contained errors.

tested on an iso image (that is same contents as the .bin file) and it
succesfully extracted a bunch of pdf files, every one I tested was readable.

I did not test on a dd created image or on a hard disk.

My suggestion -
put the sample conf file in /etc as %config(noreplace) and patch the project to
look in /etc for default conf file instead of /usr/local/etc

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