License for application name and logos (Was: Creative Commons license for pictures)

Stephen J. Smoogen smooge at
Thu Sep 29 20:23:23 UTC 2005

On 9/29/05, Christian Jodar <tian at> wrote:
> > No...absolutely not. Again i think you are confusing copyright and
> > trademark here as well.

Deleted parts I cant comment on.

> > The mozilla and firefox codebases are NOT the same as your code...
> > mozilla and firefox are NOT licensed solely under the GPL so they do
> > not have the problem gcflims is facing.. I will also point out that
> > mozilla as a project requires ALL new contributions to conform to a
> > specific set of licensing conditions.  Mozilla isn't going to accept
> > CC or freeart licenced code.
> I am not talking of code. What has to be included is only logos. GPL is only
> made for programs. I understand that some people may apply it to other things
> but source code is not a concept that could be applied to art...

Art that is displayed by a program and is distributed with the product
is considered part of the larger body of work that is being
distributed. For it to be distributed in a larger body, its license
must not conflict with the license(s) of the rest of its body.

Consider a tar ball/RPM/etc of your compiled program with its included
images to be a compendium book of short stories. Parts of your book
have a license that says "You can-not sell this book to anyone without
the authors permission.".. other parts of the book says "You can not
stop someone from copying this book and doing anything they want." The
most restrictive license wins but the second license says it can not
be combined with such a license so the two bodies can never be legally
combined. [EG you would be violating the rights of users of your
software because you have told them two conflicting things: "You can
not sell this." and "You can sell this."

While changing the license to MPL might (IANAL) allow it to use these
images... it would not allow the project to be combined with Fedora
Extras, Debian, etc because their overall licenses are more aligned
towards "You cant stop someone from selling this work as a seperate
piece of work."

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator

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