License for application name and logos (Was: Creative Commons license for pictures)

Christian Jodar tian at
Fri Sep 30 06:42:45 UTC 2005

> take a step back... you need to keep "copyright" and "trademark"
> seperate.  Mozilla's "trademark" policy is restrictive..but the logos
> are under a "copyright" license that is MPL... "copyright" and
> "trademark" are seperate concepts that apply to the logos in different
> ways.

As you said, I think I am still confusing these concepts a little. But I think
I understood that now (or at least I hope so).

> Again i strongly suggest you talk to the gnome project, since that
> project deals with items that are both "trademarked" as well as
> "copyrighted" and licensed under the GPL "copyright" license.

I tried to but I didn't get any answer for the moment.

> because you are not talking about gcflims restrictions on "trademarks"
> you are talking about the "copyright" restrictions in the case of
> GCflims and the contributed artwork you want to include.  It is
> absolulely imperative that you comprehend the difference between
> "trademark" and "copyright". Quoting mozilla's "trademark" policy when
> you are in a situation that invovles conflicting "copyright" licenses
> is just going to drive you insane unless you understand the
> difference.

OK. So logo creators should need to register it as a trademark. But as I don't
think it is not a free (no cost) process, it is not applicable to small
projects like mine.

> It depends on the specific projects that are including the artwork. If
> GCflims was licensed as BSD or even LGPL, this would not be an issue
> at all.

A good piece of news here. So if GCfilms license is changed to one of these
ones, I could have a CC logo with it and have it in FE? It would be great.

> Feel free to contact the FSF and get clearer guidance about whether or
> not you can include artwork inside GCFlims in the way you want to.
> The also say that those "OtherLicenses" are GPL incompatible and
> should not be used for contributions to GPL software.

OK I will try to. I already try to contact the France division but without any

I didn't really get the *GPL incompatible* part. But you are right, it should
mean that GPL and CC can not be mixed together.

Thanks again for your help.


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