License for application name and logos (Was: Creative Commons license for pictures)

Christian Jodar tian at
Fri Sep 30 12:57:50 UTC 2005

> So the only difference between GPL and CC BY-SA is that you cannot credit
> more the author of some artwork with the CC BY-SA than the other artwork
> authors, so for example you cannot credit an author of artwork twice and
> the others once, although this is possible with the GPL. In any case you
> have to credit the authors, at least by explaining who is copyright holder
> for what. The CC BY-SA imposes credit equality, and the GPL doesn't that is
> the only difference.

Many, many thanks. I didn't get that from the GPL actually. I explained
this to the pictures creators and they are OK for dual license. So for me
everything is fine now and there won't be any problem for FE (or any other

> I may be wrong, I just deduced that by looking at the licences.

Would be nice if someone confirm your thoughts.


PS: Now I let everybody with one question: Why Firefox logo has been integrated
into Fedora but not in Debian? ;)

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