Improper CVS Branching Requests

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sat Apr 1 03:25:31 UTC 2006

>    * FC-4 FC-5 anjuta anjuta-docs anjuta-debuginfo 
>    * FC-4 FC-5 fuse-emulator fuse-emulator-debuginfo 
>    * FC-4 FC-5 lib765 lib765-devel lib765-debuginfo 
>    * FC-4 FC-5 libdsk libdsk-devel libdsk-tools 
>    * FC-4 FC-5 libspectrum libspectrum-devel 
>    * FC-4 FC-5 z88dk 
> I am not sure who did this, but please know that CVS branching is done  
> only on the source RPM of each package.  Please do not list each sub  
> binary package name here. 
Are such branch requests even needed at all for updates? Anjuta, for example, 
already has an FC-5 branch. 
        Kevin Kofler 

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