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Christian Nolte ch.nolte at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Sun Apr 2 17:56:51 UTC 2006

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Hello everyone!

I have put together necessary RPM's for ifolder3. ifolder3 enables users
to do file-sharing and synchronizing of such folder-contents over a
network. See http://www.ifolder.com for details.

I am aware of the package review process as I am already a maintainer in
fedora-extras, but the thing which holds me back are potential issues
because this implementation is based on mono. I am not sure if there is
already a consensus about permitting extras contributors to provide
mono-based packages. I have only found one discussion in fedora-list
about this problem:


The other thing is that this are 5 packages for only the client and one
additional package for the ifolder3-server (which I have _not_ packaged
yet) and that I have momentarily not much time at hand to maintain them
all. So perhaps there is someone who could take some of these packages.

In any case, you can find the SPEC-files and SRPMS here:


The packages needed for the client part of ifolder3 are:

log4net, libflaim, simias, ifolder3, nautilus-ifolder3

Currently I have some known issues with the packages (see the SPEC-files
also) and it would be great if anyone could tell me how to solve these:

1. The separation of the normal and devel subpackages do not work
somehow. I have to install both of them because otherwise the .so files
are missing and nothing works. This regards libflaim/libflaim-devel,
simias/simias-devel and ifolder3/ifolder3-devel

2. ifolder3 and nautilus-ifolder3 contain one lib each with a standard
rpath. Giving --disable-rpath to the configure scripts does nothing to
this problem. In effect these two packages must be built with exporting
QA_RPATHS=$[ 0x0001 ];

3. I've had some weird issues with compiling simias and ifolder3 using
make %{?_smp_mflags} (which expands to make -j3 on my build machine).
The build would fail all the time with compiler-errors. Using make
without smp-mflags solved this problem for me.

So that's basically it. As mentioned before I have not put together a
server package and as it turns out ifolder3 is currently pretty useless
without a server because the p2p sharing is being worked on and is not
available in the client. Furthermore the mDNSResponder-Code which simias
uses to announce ifolder's on a network is for now only available in
CVS. I also don't know if it works with avahi. A quick search for using
ifolder with avahi shows this discussion:


For now I see all this as some preliminary work which perhaps could be
of help to someone who also wants to package ifolder for fedora. Perhaps
we could work together on doing so.

Best regards!

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