Some confusion about Extras processes

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sun Apr 2 21:04:37 UTC 2006

I've noticed that there appears to be some confusion about some of the 
processes in Fedora Extras (in particular, the role of CvsSyncNeeded). Sorry if 
I'm the one who is confused, but in either case, it would be nice if someone 
could clear things up. 
1. CvsSyncNeeded contains some requests touching the repository, not the CVS: 
 * Remove ppc package of gnome-applet-sensors, version 1.4-3. This package does 
not work on ppc and has been rebuilt to 1.4-4 with the appropriate ExcludeArch, 
but the older broken package still exists in the ppc repo. 
 * Remove argus[-clients]-2.0.6.fixes1-7 builds from fc-4, fc-5, and devel; 
there were errors during build, but poorly done argus makefile didn't die. I 
fixed the problem in release 8, and would like 7 to go away. 
 * Remove gambas-*1.0.11 packages from the repos for all branches (FC-3, FC-4, 
FC-5). This will resolve bugzilla 186274. 
Shouldn't these be files under FC5Status resp. FC4Status under the heading 
"Remove Request" instead? (And I'm not convinced the argus -7 builds need 
removal at all, -8 supercedes them anyway.) 
2. CvsSyncNeeded also contained branch requests for branches already in the 
repository, see: 
These have been deleted with no apparent action done to the CVS. Isn't the 
right way here to " -b FC-5"? If so, could the people who handle 
CVS branch requests please next time point the maintainer of the affected 
messages to the ExtrasCvsFaq instead of silently ignoring the request? Or is 
this being handled with some script which appears to succeed with no errors and 
does nothing if you run it on already-existing branches? 
        Kevin Kofler 

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