Importing to earlier versions of FC

Paul paul at
Sun Apr 2 23:30:03 UTC 2006


> > Should not the newest version have been imported?
> If the branch already exists, you are supposed to fix the contents 
> yourself, make tag and build.  Is there something unclear about this?

Right, sorry. Is the best way to resolve this problem with anjuta to
request the old versions be removed (there are currently two versions in
there, a really old one and an old, broken one, neither of which I have
the repositories for, so can't use cvs remove) and then re-request the
current version to be imported?

(I was under the misapprehension that anything requested for import
would be the version in FE-devel, meaning that anjuta-1.2.4 would be
moved in as it's the only version in FE-devel)


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