new package request

Don Russell bugzilla at
Mon Apr 3 04:16:27 UTC 2006

Mike McGrath wrote:
> On 4/2/06, Don Russell <bugzilla at> wrote:
>> I installed Fedora Core 5, including httpd (Apache) and mySQL.... I
>> can't find any rpms for phpMyAdmin.
>> Since the web server and the mySQL database are shipped with FC, I'd
>> like to cast a vote for getting a package of phpMyAdmin in Extras.
>> What is the proper place/procedure to request a new package?
>> Thanks,
>> Don
> Place it on:  I've
> actually been meaning to package this so I'll try to get off my butt
> and do it.
>             -Mike

Thanks Mike... but *what" do I place there? I don't actually *have* 
anything other than the gzip file available at

And *how* to I put something there? I couldn't find a link to anything 
where I could add a comment/make a request...

I'm trying to install phpMyAdmin manually.... but that's going 
so well, I thought I'd take a break and see what it takes to request it 
be added to Extras. :-)


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