Taking ownership of gtkterm.

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Mon Apr 3 21:38:59 UTC 2006

Michael Thomas wrote:
> IMO, it's up to the maintainer whether they want to push updates to
> older releases.  Ideally these updates would be validated on the older
> releases before being pushed, and not all maintainers have the resources
> to test on all releases and architectures.  If the maintainer can find
> someone with access to the other releases/architectures who is willing
> to validate an update then that will make the job easier.

Good point

> If we were to have a written policy, I would recommend this:
> "Maintainers are only required to push updates to devel.  The decision
> to backport updates to other branches is left to the maintainer."

Which is effectivly which we have now. Currently many maintainers push 
out updates to all not EOL FE releases (assuming the update doesn't have 
any unmet deps and doesn't cause any dep troubles)

I can kinda see the logic in this too, assuming most bugs are in a 
package itself and not in deps or the toolchain, this means that the 
maintainer will have the same version of the package as any bug 
reporters even though he may be on another release.

However if most maintainers do this then users might start expecting 
always having the newest release available from maintainers who don't do 
this hence some standardisation might be good, the again I'm all for 
freedom and against unnescesarry rules, so as always I'm divided :)



> --Mike

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