How to make SELinux file context permanent?

Leszek Matok Lam at
Tue Apr 4 01:03:26 UTC 2006

Dnia 03-04-2006, pon o godzinie 19:52 -0400, Ivan Gyurdiev napisał(a):
> Creating a policy module should not be necessary - you can use the 
> semanage command with the fcontext option to add file context 
> specification to the local config. However, adding a workaround is *not* 
> the correct solution.
Please explain. Why is binding the context to the packaged file a
workaround, while maintaining one big list of all files that people
possibly could put on their systems (year, right, dream on) is a

Also, in this situation, why isn't there one big list of e. g. writable
files allowed for any system, and especially, one big list of set-uid
programs allowed for any system?

For me it's natural that a file context is bound to the file and should
be transported with it/stay sticked to it. semanage is already somewhat
portable (I can check for its presence, I can check for particular
type/role I'm interested in - my RPM package can still be installed on
any system, regardless of SELinux presence, policies and so on), and
remember it doesn't really need to if I know what system I'm building
for (and this is Fedora Extras, not a "Build a completely cross-distro
RPM packages-HowTo").

The existence of policy modules also suggest that "one big policy for
everyone" is not a goal of SELinux, or at least suggests to me.

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