[Bug 187818] Review Request: ktorrent : KDE bittorrent client

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Wed Apr 5 02:20:36 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: ktorrent : KDE bittorrent client


------- Additional Comments From rdieter at math.unl.edu  2006-04-04 22:20 EST -------
Roland, --disable-static doesn't disable libtool archives, notabug.  The
ktorrent devs won't (and shouldn't) care.

However, you still really should omit %{_libdir}/lib*.la by either doing and the
end of %install:
rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libdir}/lib*.la

or in %files section:
%exclude %{_libdir}/lib*.la

libtool archives in other places (like %{_libdir}/kde3/*.la for loadable modules
or plugins) aren't harmful like those found at %{_libdir}/lib*.la that refer to
shared libraries.  So... they ought to be left alone.  Besides, as noted, many
apps (kde ones notably) actually *need* the .la files for the loadable
modules/plugins to properly function.

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