gtk+ stuff moving out of Core

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Apr 5 18:38:10 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 13:26 -0500, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > If you are going to use rawhide to do accounting, then you are very much
> > on the wrong path and thats the only reality that exists. 
> Miscommunication.  I thought that you were referring to Fedora.  My
> comment about running a beta version of GnuCash was looking ahead to
> FC6.  Given the history, I think it's *really* unlikely that GnuCash 2.0
> will be out 5 months from now.

We can revert back if its not stable enough. We have enough time to test
and decide on that. Sometimes beta releases are much stable than
previous "stable" releases. Dovecot developers even recommend using the
latest beta for example. Gnucash development pace or atleast release
pace has been slow in the past but you can never predict the future.


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