[Bug 188081] Review Request: pipenightdreams - Connect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline

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Thu Apr 6 11:11:17 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: pipenightdreams - Connect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline


------- Additional Comments From joost at cnoc.nl  2006-04-06 07:11 EST -------
I've reviewed the package and have one thing that should be fixed and one question.
What should be fixed is the difference in MD5-sum from the sources.

And then I have to review again.

The question is about the %post and %postun scripts. Where are these for, are
they really necessary? And don't they need a requirement?

Review for pipenightdreams


- RPMLint doesn't give any output
- Package nams is according to the packaging name guidelines
- Spec file name matches the base package name
- Package meet the packaging guidelines
- License is GPL
- License matches actual license
- License file is included in %doc
- SPEC file is in American English
- Very clear specfile

The source in the provided SRPM has the following MD5-sum:
while the upstream source file
has as MD5-sum:
Those doesn't match. Am I wrong, or did you use a different source file?

- Package successfully compiles and build into a binary package on i386
- I'm not aware of any problems on other Architectures
- The package doesn't contain buildrequirements which are on the exception list
- All necessary buildrequirements are listed
- No problems with locales
- There are no shares library files in the dynamic linker's default path, so no
ldconfig required
- The package isn't relocatable
- The package own all directories that it creates
- There are no duplicates in the %files listing
- Permissions are ok
- The %clean section containt rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- Macros are used consistently
- The code contains permissable content. The game-levels and some pictures.
- There is not much documentation what should go in a subpackage
- The files in the %doc aren't required for normal operation
- No header files or static libraries
- No .pc files
- No library .so files
- The -devel package requires the base package
- There are no libtool archives in the package
- There is a desktop-file which get properly installed


- The package builds in mock
- The packages works ;) Although the game is not as easy as I thought. My
girlfriend's gonna like it.

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