Updating a package in multiple branches

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Thu Apr 6 16:25:20 UTC 2006

>>>>> "TJ" == Tim Jackson <lists at timj.co.uk> writes:

TJ> Do I have to repeat the whole process for each branch (including
TJ> uploading the package source tarball again) or is there some
TJ> shortcut to say "copy what's in the devel branch to branches X and
TJ> Y".

What I do is simple:

Do all normal operations on the devel branch.  Leave clog file in the
  directory but delete other extraneous files.
cd FC-5
rm ^branch (this is Zsh syntax to delete every file except for
  "branch"; I don't know what other shells would want)
cp ../devel/* .
cvs add all the new files
cvs delete all the old files
cvs commit -F clog
make tag
make plague
repeat for FC-4 and FC-3 branches

This assumes no changes at all between the devel branch and the other

TJ> What about the sources file, should I ever touch this manually or
TJ> only ever allow it to be changed via "make <something>"?

I never touch it; it gets copied over from devel.

 - J<

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