[Bug 187964] Review Request: bsd-games - A collection of text-based games

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Sat Apr 8 23:49:46 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: bsd-games - A collection of text-based games


------- Additional Comments From wart at kobold.org  2006-04-08 19:49 EST -------
I've fixed up the setgid issues and played a few of the games to make sure they
work.  I changed all references to setregid() to setresgid() and rearranged
where this happens in a few of the games.  The only one that really needs a
second look is 'hack'; the scoreboard location can be specified on the command
line or in environment settings, so there's a bit more processing that takes
place before running setresgid().  Here is the new package:


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