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Sun Apr 9 09:41:54 UTC 2006

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           Summary: Review Request: phpBB
           Product: Fedora Extras
           Version: devel
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: normal
         Component: Package Review
        AssignedTo: bugzilla-sink at leemhuis.info
        ReportedBy: peter at thecodergeek.com
         QAContact: fedora-extras-list at redhat.com

Spec Name or Url: http://www.thecodergeek.com/downloads/fedora/phpBB.spec
SRPM Name or Url: http://www.thecodergeek.com/downloads/fedora/phpBB-2.0.20-1.src.rpm

phpBB is a highly popular web-based forum ("bulletin board") system using PHP
and a database backend such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, and others. (Without
one of these, phpBB will not function.) It has many advanced features such as
versatile users/groups permissions management, theoretically limitless forums,
categories, and posts, a private messaging system among users, a highly
customizable style, and a simple but extensive administrative control panel.

With this package, rpmlint complains a little. Two points:
Firstly, it gives an error that the scripts do not have shebangs. Since these are PHP scripts meant to be run through mod_php (provided by the php package), this seems safe to ignore.
  E: phpBB script-without-shellbang /var/www/phpBB2/admin/admin_forums.php
  E: phpBB script-without-shellbang /var/www/phpBB2/language/lang_english/lang_main.php

Secondly, it complains that there is an htaccess file in the distribution:
  E: phpBB htaccess-file /var/www/phpBB2/cache/.htaccess
This is where phpBB stores it cache data, and this .htaccess file explicitly disallows any direct requests for those files. Thus, this seems reasonable to ignore, also.

I've tested this on FC4, and mock builds to test it on FC5 and Devel are currently running on my workstation (though it seems like there should be no problem).


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