[Bug 181445] Review Request: php-shout

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Mon Apr 10 04:10:34 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: php-shout


------- Additional Comments From holbrookbw at users.sourceforge.net  2006-04-10 00:10 EST -------

Sorry for the delay, my research took me on a trip to San Antonio so I was
unable to work on this for a while.  Here are my newest files, the 'install -D'
issues have been completely cleared up.

I have not added a php fallback version dependency, but as sponsor Matthias is
in charge, so tell me if you see this as a showstopper.

Also of note, the 'php-api' virtual dependency suggested by Dmitry works great
for FC5 and Devel, but FC3 and FC4 don't have that virtual, so installation of
the RPM fails with a missing depency.  I have included the php-api dependency in
the currently submitted .spec file, but the .spec will have to revert to PHP
versioning in the FE[34] branches of CVS.

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