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Summary: Review Request: gpsd


------- Additional Comments From matt at truch.net  2006-04-10 01:11 EST -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Items needing attention:
> 1. md5sum's of the upstream source don't seem to match:
> 4bb9b0c1642d36265c807a04da3d6f60  gpsd-2.32.tar.gz
> 8212ac4b10deb3f69d84b80a8a0d3cfd  gpsd-2.32.tar.gz.1

This is weird.  I get that they do:

4bb9b0c1642d36265c807a04da3d6f60  gpsd-2.32.tar.gz
4bb9b0c1642d36265c807a04da3d6f60  gpsd-2.32.tar.gz.1

Ohhh, maybe I accidentally used the source from the upstream srpm the first time
around (and perhaps that source tarball doesn't match).  Weird.  

> 2. Are you only planning for this to be in devel?
> You might consider using a dist tag...
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DistTag

I know, and included the dist tag shortly after I submitted this bug report (but
didn't yet post the new srpm as it was the only change).  I use it in the new
srpm as indicated below.

> For fc4 you would also have to change the X BuildRequires.

Right.  Will do if I build for fc4 (as right now I'm not even sure what is

> 3. Consider supressing /usr/lib/libgps.a file with
> --disable-static or removing the .a file before packaging.


> 4. The 'E: gpsd-clients only-non-binary-in-usr-lib' rpmlint
> can probibly be ignored. It's good to ship app-defaults files
> so people can customize as they like. perhaps file an RFE
> against rpmlint to allow this case?

Ok, ignoring error.

> 5. I see in the build logs:
> xmlto man gps.xml
> make[1]: xmlto: Command not found
> make[1]: [gps.1] Error 127 (ignored)
> Perhaps a 'BuildRequires: xmlto' is needed?

Oops.  My bad.  Fixed.

> 6. You use a python call to determine the python site dir,
> should you also have a 'BuildRequires: python'? It's not in the
> exceptions list of packages not to list. (Althought it's in
> the base build group, so it works)

Also fixed.  

> 7. There is also a 'W: gpsd non-conffile-in-etc /etc/hotplug/usb/gpsd.usermap'
> from rpmlint. I think thats safe to ignore as well.

Also ignoring.  

New spec and srpm:

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