What todo with upstream content in .noarch.rpm format?

Tim Jackson lists at timj.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 11:59:52 UTC 2006

Hans de Goede wrote:

> http://gcompris.net/

> This use assetml, which comes with a lot of data file with sounds for 
> this (educational) software we have great sounds like "a" in many 
> languages. Upstream distributes these soundpacks in .noarch.rpm format,

They must be building the RPMs from sources of some kind. Don't they 
distribute tarballs or the sources at all? Might you be able to 
encourage them to do so?

 > create a spec file which will "rebuild" them, so that would be
 > rpm2cpio, extract, re-rpm I guess any better ideas?

Sounds like the way to go if they won't distribute the "real" sources. 
It's not unreasonable though it could easily get confusing :)


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