[Bug 187569] Review Request: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin

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Mon Apr 10 23:48:26 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin


------- Additional Comments From fedora.wickert at arcor.de  2006-04-10 19:48 EST -------
Hi Kevin, thanks for your review.

(In reply to comment #1)

> Items needing attention:
> 1. The summary has "Summary:        Quicklauncher plugin for the Xfce panel"
> Shouldn't that be "Mail Watcher plugin for the Xfce panel"?

D'oh! Fixed.

> 2. Some of the dirs that this package owns are owned by lots of
> other packages. 
> [...]
> Perhaps require hicolor-icon-theme and xfce4-panel to make sure those
> dir dependencies are met.

Oh my god - I just realized that _all_ my panel plugins lack an explicit
requirement on xfce4-panel! Going to fix this ASAP.

With xfce4-panel we also have the dirs, at least the doc dirs:

No need to add hicolor-icon-theme since it is required by gtk2.

> 3. Doesn't build in mock. Looks like it might be missing:
> BuildRequires: imake libXt-devel

imake is not required and libXt-devel BR is already included inside the 
"%if "%fedora" > "4""-statement. Unfortunately this is not picked up by
mock on core 5 since it does not install the buildsys-macros-rpm. See 


After fixing builtroots.xml the packge builds fine (again, the previous packages
are mock-builds too) in mock. AFAIK all builthosts install the macros correctly,
at least according to the logs of some of my latest builds where I'm using
selective specfiles, too.

Updated Spec

* Mon Apr 10 2006 Christoph Wickert <fedora wickert at arcor de> - 1.0.0-2
- Fix description.
- Fix files section.
- Require xfce4-panel.

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