[Bug 187351] Review Request: bmpx - Media player with the WinAmp GUI

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Tue Apr 11 13:10:38 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: bmpx - Media player with the WinAmp GUI


------- Additional Comments From eric.tanguy at univ-nantes.fr  2006-04-11 09:10 EST -------
Yes you are right. I had to put my human eye but i had not enough time so i
apologize. I will look more carefully to this next time.
(In reply to comment #4)
> About the needs work :
> - That build root is plain silly with the chroot builds we have nowadays, and is
> the "preferred" according to the wiki. It makes mach builds fail, so it's not
> the one I use.


> - Please detail what paths aren't replaced, as I can't identify any at a first
> glance.

You had already modified their : these was the lines about gtk-update-icon-cache

> - %{__rm} -rf %{buildroot} is already present right after %install...

you are right.

> - If you look closer, gettext-devel is build required already...

you are right also

> - COPYING added... it was missing from the tarballs some time ago IIRC.


> - I understand the guidelines as "if there is no desktop files, then include one
> and install it this way", but since the included desktop file is fine IMHO, I
> didn't touch it. If my interpretation is wrong, alright, but the Wiki section
> will need some more details.

I agree that the wiki section is not very clear about what to if a desktop file
is already included in the source file but when i had this question i modified
myself the desktop file to be according to the wiki. Maybe someone else could
give more details about this or i will ask the question to extras list to make
clarification in this wiki section

> - update-desktop-database calls will be added, good catch!
> Updated package 0.14.3-2 available now.

I will see the new version when i will be bak home

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