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Summary: Review Request: hylafax


------- Additional Comments From faxguy at howardsilvan.com  2006-04-11 15:30 EST -------
Okay, I've made changes as suggested, please review the updated files:

Spec URL: http://osdn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/hylafax/hylafax.spec

Yes, I am sure about the BuildRequires.  HylaFAX uses libtiff development
libraries to build, and the way that it uses those libraries plus the way that
Fedora builds libtiff will also require the libjpeg-devel and zlib-devel libraries.

The %configure macro cannot be used because it doesn't work for HylaFAX. 
HylaFAX has a configure script that is not made by libtools, although it is
somewhat similar.

Some of the default options are placed in the configure command in the spec file
in cases where they will likely be variable depending on the builder's
preferences.  So, for example, PAGESIZE will likely vary between locale, and
thus it is there for easy modification by the builder.  (For those that build
from SRPM.)

Fedora puts mgetty and vgetty in /sbin and not /usr/sbin, and so %{_sbindir}
cannot be used in those cases.

I don't understand this: "I'm not sure if we need to create a system user with a
fixed uid/gid and use fedora-usermgmt." and so I don't know how to respond to it.

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