2 questions about easytag

Christoph Wickert cw-spam at arcor.de
Tue Apr 11 19:50:17 UTC 2006

Subject says it all:

1. Why is easytag in extras? The source tarball contains files from
mpg321. Although the stuff is not used in the binaries I thought it's a
no-go to distribute it and we should patch the tarball and remove all
questionable stuff. Or move the package to livna.

2. Is it possible to see easytag unstable (1.99.12 ATM) in extras? I'm
using this package a lot so I rolled my own rpm and it's pretty stable
(IMO at least as stable as the 1.1 release). With yesterdays update the
annoying cddb bug is fixed, so I don't see no blocker there. Easytag 1.1
depends on gtk+. C'mon - let's get rid of this old crap ASAP, at least
in development!


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